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Arizona Quick Divorce FAQ’s

1. How long will the divorce process take?

The process takes an average of 1 hour to answer the required questionnaire. Once it is submitted to us, a legal document preparer will generate the documents. Once the documents are filed with the court according to the filing instructions we provide you with, the length of time will vary, usually anywhere from three to four months.

2. How much are the filing and/or court fees?

The cost is $338..00 but we can fill out an application for deferral or waiver of court fees if necessary at no additional cost. There are guidelines for this is based on the clients income and number of financial dependents. The court filing fees are not included in the online packet prices.

3. Is the process totally online?

I will be offering contact information to the clients so they can talk to a legal specialist.

4. Which spouse should file?

The spouse who really wants the divorce to be finalized should do the filing.

5. Is this service available when the spouse lives in a different state?

It doesn’t matter where the spouse is physically located or even if they do not know where the spouse is living at the time of the divorce.

6. Where and How Do I File My Documents?

You will receive written instructions where to file your divorce documents or you can delegate that to us with our full service packets.

7. What does the courier service provide?

The courier service consists of just filing the physical legal documents at court. The client can avoid having to makes the trips to court and wait on line but the courier service does not prevent the client from appearing at court.

8. Do I have to go to court?

You may have to attend a short hearing. Most of the time when a hearing is required, it only lasts 10-15 minutes and only the filing spouse must attend. The hearing is when you will be granted your divorce and the judge will sign the final judgment or decree.

9. Do I have to also hire a lawyer?

You will be acting as your own (pro per) and filing for your own divorce. Should you need or desire legal advice or should your divorce become contested, we do suggest you hire the services of a lawyer. We are not Attorneys and cannot give you legal advice.

10. Will my name also be changed?

The wife has the option to change her name back to her former or maiden name.

11. When is the divorce actually finalized?

The divorce is typically finalized when the Judge signs the final judgment or decree.

12. Is there a money-back guarantee?

If the client cancels after submitting the info intake, they have 24 hrs to cancel for money back. Once the client receives the legal documents there is no refunds but we do offer to make any changes or corrections to the actual documents.

13. Is the site going to collect payment securely?

Yes, all payments are made through PayPal, a securely encrypted web server.